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Why am I NOT losing weight – I’ve become vegan!

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By Iva Danchova, Blogger, Where to Vegan

Wait! Vegan food to lose weight? Hmm you’re probably thinking isn’t all vegan food healthy in
general? Aren’t all vegans supposed to be skinny?

Well the answer is no.

These days, with so many vegan options out there, it is possible to find a vegan alternative of literally anything you can imagine. From vegan chicken, vegan burgers, vegan fish, vegan mac ‘n’ cheese , sausages, butter, to vegan ice cream, cookies and everything else you could ever imagine. I’ve recently tried vegan salmon and was so shocked I had to double check it was vegan- it was that realistic.

Many of the foods listen above can be super healthy. For instance, a banana ice cream, a homemade bean, or sweet potatoes brownies (yes, they’re delicious). However, it can also be not so healthy if it’s made out of processed proteins and oils. In their desire to make vegan food taste non vegan, companies have become very savvy in what ingredients they use to create that “meaty” texture. For instance, the Beyond burger is a perfect example. It’s 100% Plant based, it doesn’t contain any cholesterol, taste and looks exactly like a beef burger- isn’t that brilliant? Yes, it is because no animal has been harmed in order to make this burger. The burger is also soy free which makes it a great option for those who are intolerant or allergic to soy. And to make it even more appealing – it is also gluten free so those who are gluten intolerant or celiac can have it too. So vegan, gluten free, soy free – sounds like a dream. On the other hand, the saturated fat of the Beyond burger equals the saturated fat in a real beef burger. And even though the burger is vegan it’s doesn’t make it as healthy anymore. For all of those who love the Beyond burger, I’m sorry I have nothing against it, but I have to put this out there, the numbers talk.

From an ethical perspective it is indeed the best burger alternative for someone who is looking for a “meaty” like, high protein vegan burger since it contains 20grams of protein in one serving.

However, for someone who is trying to lose weight would probably be best to stay away from highly processed foods in general and focus on whole foods instead until the weight goal is reached.
One of my friends who went vegan for a few months earlier last year said: “ I actually gained weight went I went vegan because I found the cheat sheet”. Turns out he discovered foods he would normally eat that just happened to be vegan like Oreoʼs and Skittles. My friend started eating quite a few packets a day hence why the weight gain. And this is another example of not all vegan food is healthy.

If you’re already vegan and your goal is to lose weight, or you want to go vegan because you want to lose weight the best food for weight loss would be that what mother nature gives us. This includes fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. The ultimate diet that humans best thrive on is the so called “Whole Foods Plant based” diet or it would be best to actually call it a lifestyle. Humans are the only species on this planet that diet. No other animals out there put themselves on a restrictive diet be it high carb, low fat, ketogenic, carnivore diet etc . Animals never needed to plan their meals in advance, obsess about calories, binge or emotionally eat, force themselves to eat so they can reach their daily macros or starve themselves because they’re doing intermittent fasting and they’re out if their “eating window “. Food is always readily available for animals. Just ask any monkey in the jungle. There’s an endless amount of food they can it and itʼs always there for when they get hungry.

It’s obviously not just about the diet when it comes to weight loss but also about lifestyle and mindset. However, there are some plant-based doctors out there who have been promoting a plant based diet for the last 40 years and they believe it’s the food that makes people “fat, sick and miserable”. Some of these medical doctors are Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Nil Bernard, Dr. Greger, Michael Clapper. They all promote a whole food plant based diet and have helped their patients lose weight and heal by simply changing their diet. They advise people to eat natural whole plant foods and to focus on starches such as rice, white and sweet potatoes, beans, lentils oats. Whilst so many people out there are afraid of rice and potatoes, starches provide glucose which is essential for the brain to function. So its very important to listen to our bodies and give them what they need.

Best thing is to start from somewhere, it could be overwhelming in the beginning but just give it a go.
Here are some Instagram account to follow to inspiration for plant based healthy recipes that focus on nutrition and happen to look incredibly delicious. @itsahealthylifestyle

If you want to make healthy brownies you could, if you want to make a healthy vegan burger you could – what matters is the ingredients you use. There are so many healthy vegan recipes out there- you can go on Instagram and find vegan pages of recipes or you can go on Youtube and find vegan vloggers who create recipes and film whilst they cook. One of my favourite vegan Youtubers is Maddie Lymburner. There is plenty of information on the internet and many websites with recipes that you can look into.

Here’s some more inspiration inspiration from nourishing.amy

When it comes to weight; is not just about calorie deficit. It’s about planning your meals, researching, and that includes lifestyle changes. A diet can only be temporary, you simply cannot diet all your life. The changes you make must be long term. So if trying to lose weight it might not be the best decision to go on a restrictive diet be in vegan or not.
Plan your meals, do you research, eat as clean and healthy as possible and the weight will start to come off.

In conclusion, vegan does not necessarily always equal health. Eat predominantly natural food but also love yourself and remember it’s okay to treat yourself now and then.

Thank you for reading,

Iva 🙂@yva_danchova