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By Hiren Chohan, Founder, Where to Vegan

If you’re meat-free, dairy-free, or simply one who wants to dabble with more vegan food, the UK has a huge array of vegan restaurants!

They said 2019 was the year of veganism, well I can tell you that 2020 is not going to be much different – only bigger and better things for veganism are on the horizon! Vegan footwear is expected to have a massive up-rise in 2020 but anyways, that’s not why you clicked here, back to the food!

It’s not just salads, soya and chia seeds: from fried “chickun” to “to-fish” to pizza, some of the most mouth watering food can be found in London. Picking where to eat can be a tad overwhelming with such an array so I thought I would put together this list to assist. I have tried them all and created the ultimate list. Here are the very best…

1. Purezza

2. Unity Diner

3. Tell Your Friends

4. Picky Wops

5. Temple of Seitan

6. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

7. Wulf and Lamb

8. Mooshie’s

9. Club Mexicana

So that’s our list of the top 9 vegan restaurants in London. We hope that you enjoy your dining experiences at each of these restaurants and the many more. Combining this list was not easy at all! Be sure to follow us on Instagram(@wheretovegan) to find where the other top vegan restaurants are across the UK!

Is your favorite eatery included in our list of the top vegan restaurants to look out for in 2020?

Help other vegans decide where to eat by sharing your own dining experiences: when you visit a vegan restaurant, make a vote for it by writing your review on Where To Vegan.

Thank you for reading as always, please do share these restaurants as a lot of them are owned by small business owners so anyway we can help them is massively beneficial. Even if it is a simple share of this blog.

Hiren Chohan @judge_my_cover