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Basil Brush goes vegan?!

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By Hiren Chohan, Founder, Where to Vegan

Where to Vegan is over the moon to hear that the great Basil Brush say today he thinks he’s the first fox to become VEGAN!

Talking with the great Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show this morning, Basil said that he had been particularly impressed with the food at this year’s Glastonbury festival and in particular an eatery he’d found called ‘No Bones Jones’, an award-winning food company which has been providing high quality vegan and vegetarian food since 1994.

Basil who is doing four shows in the Kidzfield at this weekend’s festival told Zoe: “I think I’ve turned (…) I think I’ve been turned into the world’s first vegan fox”.

He added that anyone coming to Glastonbury for the first time should “get ready for the biggest unofficial food festival” and they shouldn’t worry about food because “wherever you can go, you can eat!”

Anyway Basil, although we know you told the lovely Zoe you are still partial to the “a nice chicken nugget”, trust us, you don’t need those things any more. Vegan food is GREAT, kind to animals (which we’d like to think you’d appreciate) and great for the environment.

So if you need any tips on where and what to eat now you’ve come over to the bright side, just let us know. Where to Vegan is the best place to easily find 100 percent vegan places to eat and get hand picked discounts. We’ve launched with London restaurants, cafes and food stalls (all 100 percent Vegan) and we’re rolling out across the UK this year. Keep those foxy eyes peeled Basil. We love you! And that green jacket rocks.